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Bug: switching to Outline and back to Map

  1. create a new file
  2. create a few notes & a link from one to another
  3. switch into Outline or Chart view
  4. switch back to Map view. Only one note and a link are drawn (not even the other end of the link!)


What version of Tinderbox are you using?

(Bug reports ideally go by email to bernstein@eastgate.com)

FWIW, I don’t have that problem, when I follow these same steps:

  • Create new file
  • Create several new notes, in map view
  • Create links among them
  • Switch to outline view and others, and then back to map view

This video will show you what happens for me, with a new file. It works as intended – links survive. This is with current 7.5.5 version of TB.

And here is what my new file looks like, after I have switched back and forth among different views many times (as shown in the video):

For what it’s worth, I have the very same problem as the original poster has. I’m using the evaluation TB 7.5.4… sometimes when I switch from Map to Outline (in the same tab), and then back to Map, there are missing notes and errant links. Panning the map, or selecting a note seems to force a redraw of the Map and then everything shows correctly.

7.5.5 is the current release. You might want to evaluate that?

Right, @PaulWalters TBX 7.5.5 seems to solve my problem of the Map view missing notes until I panned the view.

But there’s now a different Map view issue which is even worse: repeatedly selecting and deselecting notes in Map view now seems to “crawl” their titles and text slowly away from each other… I’ll open a new thread with a GIF of this, as it seems difficult to explain over text.

No need to report this further. this is a known issue that crept in recently. The exact cause is unknown (like you I just use the app) and v7.5.5 attempted a fix and seems to have fixed it for some users. Anyway, no need to debate this one further as I’m sure it’s high up the fix list right now.

The cause is now known and we’re testing the correction backstage

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