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Bug with Note URL

I’m on 8.9.2 with Big Sur

Copy Note URL for say Note A

  1. Completely quite Tinderbox
  2. Click on Note URL for Note A , only blank untitled file opens
  3. Re-Click again on Note URL , note opens up

NoteURL will work if any file is opened (even with blank default files) but not from QUIT stage.

Hope this helps

If I understand correctly, you are saying clicking a Tinderbox pseudo-url tinderbox://... from another app and

  • when the Tinderbox app is not already open → Tinderbox is started but the tinderbox://... URL is not opened (or its paerent TBX doc)
  • when the Tinderbox app is already open → Tinderbox opens the parent doc for the tinderbox://... URL and the note is selected.


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That’s one for @eastgate. I suspect that although we get the solution we want, it isn’t a bug as such. Finder if doing the unseen part here. It is given a tinderbox:// ‘URL’ and calls Tinderbox. By the time the app opens, Finder has moved on. It’s like someone knocking on your front door and it wakes you up; you rush down to the door and open it only to find no one there, and no note saying what they wanted. I’m not sure how that is solved but hopefully it can be. :slight_smile:

@eastgate, checkout Hook , they have this solved.

This is the difference



You should probably remove the ; from the url.

This is how default COPY Note URL is working. It’s introduced by TB

I don’t think the trailing list delimiter should be problematic—at least not for Tinderbox. Why a delimiter? See here for more on the URL schema. A selection with multiple notes is allowed.

Yes, but it is not part of the URL. In some cases, it could cause an error.

I don’t think it’s the semicolon.

If the document isn’t already open, Tinderbox 8 looks for it in the Recent Files list. If it’s not there, it’s going to be stuck. We’re working on removing this limit in Tinderbox 9.


Sure, I didn’t mean to imply that it was the problem. But depending on where you feed the URL, it could become one.