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Call out hours in timelines?

Using timeline like I’ve seen a few others call out, setting up tasks for a day. I’d like to either call out hours on the task or preferably on the timeline itself. I realize the grid will show hour increments, but not actually call out hours… so much harder to visualize.

Also, while thinking of it, I wonder if there is a way to show the grid or time bands or something vertically? The grid is at the bottom and some tasks are at the top… hard again to visualize.

I will investigate assigning the start hour to the name or something similar to act as a cue. I wondered if someone may have some better ideas though. Thanks

Can you clarify what you mean by “call out”: speak the time, pop-up label, screen labels, something else?

Available timeline customisable attributes are described here.

The vertical bars up from the scale are drawn only at day intervals at default scale and changes in their interval with scale are not known (or documented, anyway).

thanks… and you should be cooking burgers today! (Maybe you are with the other hand)
Using MS Project as an example (yes, a sorry one) the timeline changes as you zoom in to it. Actually now that I think about it, there are three grids that can be set up on top of each other… which display say, week, day, hour by name, as well as a grid fill in.
I don’t need all that. What I was trying to communicate, probably badly, is that I’d like to put more hourly visual ‘cues’ into the timeline somehow, so that it’s quite easy to follow the task plan by hour.
All that is already available in the display, by day or week. I’m trying to figure out how to bend it to be more obvious hour by hour. Thanks…

Here’s an example, my plan for today. I have looked the the available attributes… probably more I can do with colors but hoping that there might be some opinion as to better methods to produce a better visual output from those who have spent more time thinking about it. Thanks again.

and now I realize everyone in the world knows what my mouse pointer looks like.

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Seeing your screengrab (with what looks like cross-wires from Xscope or the like) I think there is no customisation you can do to give you more granular and zoom-responding vertical bars. I’d drop an email to info@eastgate.com explaining your needs.

thanks… a pint it is then :smile:

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