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Calling a stamp from a function?

How would you call a stamp from a function?

Ex: I have a stamp named “Uno” that I would like to run from a function.

How do I do that? If this is possible?
Perhaps the runcommand?
I know I could embed the code in the function itself but was just curious if this was possible.

I vaguely recall this discussion a while ago, but for the moment, I cannot remember how to do it.


Use the operator stamp("Uno").

Note that stamps typically operate on the selected note(s), while functions might be called at any time. The stamp operator applies the stamp to this note; you can also use a designator to apply it to other notes instead: stamp(children,"Uno").

It’s more common for a stamp to use a function than for a function to use a stamp.


Thanks MarkB. I remember it was easy…


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