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Can a hotkey be set for stamps?

I’m started working with stamps. Is there a way to associate a hotkey with an individual stamp?

There’s no built-in method, as far as I know, but the Stamp menu is a fully fledged MacOS menu, so you can add a shortcut key to any stamp on the that menu in the normal way (i.e. System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts).


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Yes, actually you can. Stamps are listed in the main menu of Tinderbox. So if you open System Preferences, navigate to Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. Create an app short shortcut for Tinderbox, using the name of your stamp (spelled exactly). It looks like this (the My Stamp entry):

Here’s what I often do. I create a lot of shortcuts like that in System Preferences, and use the shortcut names as stamps in different documents.

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Sweet! :grinning: Thanks.