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Can composite names be displayed persistently?

I am employing composites to create a shot list for a video under development. Each shot composite contains notes for action, camera, dialogue, audio, and so on, and each shot composite is named. I expected that the names of the composites would be displayed persistently in the map view, but by default you must click on the composite to display its name, which makes it difficult to see at a glance what shot a given composite represents. Is there a way to display composite names persistently in Map view?

The value of the $name attribute for composites is currently viewable only in the XML and when a composite is selected. I’d suggest writing Eastgate if you want to suggest a change to that – it is helpful to send feature suggestions directly to Mark Bernstein. (Personally, I would like an interface setting to make composite names visible, a $CompositeName attribute, and the automatic insertion of that $CompositeName attribute into the KAs of every member of a composite.)

For now, as a workaround, if you are looking at a map and press Select All (⌘A) all the composites and their names will be visible.

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Thanks for the suggested workaround, Paul. I’ll write Mark to second your recommendations.

My concern here is that we could end up with too much visual noise in typical maps. But I’m open to the idea; anyone want to mock up an example of how their own composite-rich map would look if all composite names were persistent?

How would people think about drawing the names of unselected composites translucently?

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