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Can I click on a link and open a new tab

Sorry about keeping you all busy!

I want to click a [[wiki link]] and want the same to open in a new tab. When it opens in the same tab I lose all references to my work.

In case I am not clear, here is a screen recording - Dropbox - Screen Recording 2021-12-16 at 7.46.06 PM.mov - Simplify your life

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Is there a shortcut to navigate like a browser? Like arrow keys, previous view and next view.

Sorry, I don’t understand. New tab were? In tinderbox or in a browser? What are you linking to?

You can use ⌘’ to go back.

Tinderbox has not used wiki links since version 5 (see). All links seen in a note’s text ($Text) in the text tab are one of only two types:

  • text links - links from an anchor text in current note’s $Text to another note. Normally these point to another note. Occasionally, they may point to a text location within a note, but this is little seen.
  • web links - links from anchor text in the current note’s $Text to an external URL. This is normally to a web URL, but can point to a valid other source such a Bookends or DEVONthink data.

Note-to-note basic links are not seen in $Text but they will show in the links panel or in the view pane for some view types (Map, Timeline, Hyperbolic)

However, there is no method to force a clicked link to open in in a new tab (or text window.

Yes. There is extensive documentation of available shortcuts, most useful for learners may be the Reverse Look-up Map. You can ‘navigate’ forwards with Cmd+Return (⌘+↩) and ‘go back’, along the last used link with Cmd+’ (single straight quote, ⌘+'). Both the Navigate and Go Back commands are easily found on the Note menu.

However, forwards navigation is not as simple as imagined unless a note has only one outbound link. The ‘Navigate’ command is bound to a note’s first outbound link (i.e. the first listed in the note’s Browse Links dialog). As such, this may not conform to expectation of using a web browser. Then again, being a hypertextual tool rather than a web app, web norms do not always map to non-Web use.

It sounds are though you might be one of those wanting a list of recently visited places. Up to the v6+ app re-design, there was a History list and there has been some discussion of to bringing it back.

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My screescast video wasn’t clear? Or did you not watch?

Oh boy! Is that’s a needed feature? maybe @eastgate should consider it.

Thank you @mwra for your painstakingly detailed notes, it helps a great deal trying to understand the tool.

Hope these detailed forum post will be a resource for others too.

@exist2018 : The way I myself would approach your problem would be to make a new tab, and then to follow the link. That’s not really a lot more work than right-clicking a link and selecting “Open in new tab”.

But I’m not averse to adding this if it’s popular.


I could see value in rt. mouse clicking to open a link in a new tab, although I admit I’ve not run into this need.

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Alternatively don’t overlook opening a note as a standalone text window (⌘+⌥+X) can be helpful, especially if not hampered by the restriction of a single monitor.