Can I create global function cross flle?

can I create global function cross flle?

In short, ‘No’.

Whilst Tinderbox can make and open multiple documents, it is designed to work at single document scope. Your best approach is to make sure your code is portable. Some changes in the iminent new release should aid packaging things like code libraries so they can check/configure needed aspects like needed user attributes. But there is no move to having global libraries (of functions).

It is worth bearing in mind that whilst Tinderbox is a single user app, plenty of users work on multiple physical Macs (e.g. at home and in the lab/office) albeit never at the same time. But, this does have a bearing on what we mean by ‘global’.


If you want to sync a function (or function library) across several documents, potentially across several machines, you could add a Library note that auto fetches the function from a server, and copy this in each document you wish to subscribe to the function.


Interesting. I think @webline has been playing with this; perhaps he can chime in. If I recall, he was experiencing some edge case considerations.