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Can I "force refresh" a note's text with a URL?

So I drag a DEVONthink note into Tinderbox, and it sets $Text for me… later I update the record content in DEVONthink and want to refresh it in Tinderbox. I can set $Autofetch=true and wait however long until Tinderbox fetches the content again… but is there a way to tell Tinderbox, reload the content NOW? (without quitting Tinderbox entirely and opening the document again, which I know triggers a new fetch)


Over here, the update can take 5 minutes or more – or never. Success doesn’t seem to be affected by quitting / relaunching Tinderbox, etc.

Yeah that’s why I’m wondering if I can force refresh instead of waiting for AutoFetch to happen.

If a reload or a de-/re-select of the note doesn’t refresh it, I suspect an on demand refresh trigger may be a feature request.