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Can I magnify the text in the text window?

Hi everyone:

I am a new user using Tinderbox.

I am wondering if I can magnify the text in the text window since I don’t really want to change the font

I hope I can write down my note in a bigger view in the text window.

Is this possible?

I found I can only magnify the main window only.

Thank you very much!

I don’t think so. The text is a pane of the main window and not a window in its own right. It is the case that the View menu controls the zoom in the (left side) view pane, including responding to pinch gestures. I think that difference derives form the pre-v6 architecture. What goes in the left pane were then called main views and had their own zoom controls, and I believe the current View menu are their descendants.

Again, in the past there was a mechanism to scale text windows, what is now the right-pane content. However, I believe that mechanism didn’t migrate to the v6+ UI, although over time (perhaps reflecting screen size/res changes) default $TextFontSize has migrated from 10pt to a current 16pt.

I know MB is on the road this week - I’d suggest emailing support so you can get a firmer fix on this and discuss your needs (i.e. a possible feature request).

Ok, I understand~

Thank you very much for the kindly reply! :grinning:

The optional controls configurable in System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom might be useful here.

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Scaling text windows separately from the text size gave rise to a host of subtle issues when the magnification was changed.

What makes you reluctant simply to use a larger font?

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I just think if there is a more convenient way to magnify the window to any size I want.

But you’re right, I think I will use a larger font eventually.

Thank you for the reply.

You can just select the text you want and use cmd-+ or cmd-- to change its size. Then change it back again if you’re worried about printing or other readers.

Yes, this is really help and is what I want! Thank you! :grinning::grinning::grinning: