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Can map view show links between aliases of original notes?

I have a bunch of notes linked together (all text links, originals linked to originals). I found some interesting ones with an agent, and want to see them in a map view, with the links between the notes like if I were looking at the originals. I realize that aliases can have different link settings than originals. I’ve never really dug into that though.

Is there a way to make TB show links between aliases in a map, even though the links are actually between originals? I’m hoping so… but if not, I might be able to work up an agent that automatically links between the aliases found by the agent.

No, the links shown in an agent’s map are those between the aliases within the agent as opposed to those between the originals**. Anyway, unless the originals are all on the same map you won’t see anything except stub links, and if they are all on the same map it is easier to simply view that map.

I think what you’re essentially looking for is a view that shows the links network, unencumbered by the underlying outline structure. The emergent hyperbolic view is, I believe, hoping to address this.

** There is good reason for this behaviour. Were it changed, it would break existing documents that export hypertext. There is no good one-behaviour-suits-all-uses behaviour for alias-vs-original linking.

Okay thanks, that makes sense. It also helps me think a bit differently about organizing notes within my document.

Yep! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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