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Can you replace a note with another note?

Is there a way to replace a note with another note?

My scenario:

When I take book notes, I create a map and move stuff around. At some point, there will be a note that I want to keep in a more central and permanent place (like a zettel), so what I want to do is make a new note in my “permanent notes” group with a specific $Prototype and then go to my book notes and replace the target note with an alias to the new permanent note, thus retaining any connections the book note had to other book notes.

My first strategy was to create permanent notes wherever and use an Agent to collect them. I love that idea, but am worried that important notes could be deleted accidentally if I thought a parent wasn’t useful anymore.

Don’t forget the Tinderbox links are uni-directional. This could be factor, but it’s not totally clear if the alias it the source of the links or the target. If the latter, it is likely to be a problem. Anyway, this on linking & aliases may help.