Can you scroll a Summary Table?

I have a Summary Table with rather a lot of items.

Is it possible to scroll up and down the list?

To ensure we are on the same page, I thinks we are referring to tables in the title pane of a container (described here).

If so, the answer is ‘No’. this is because as the table is simply the content of the title pane. To see more of the title area—as with a normal note, you make icon bigger and in the case of a container (note or agent) you adjust the title height.)

An analogy is a table in an HTML page. Making the browser window narrower or wider will simply crop the visible area of the table. No foul there, just mis-matched assumptions between the viewer and the page maker.

As Tinderbox often has more than one way to do a task, you might consider a different way to make the data available. a problem with visually derived planning is we get caught up on where something appears and how it looks when we might get a solution by stepping back and asking “what method could I use to show this much data?” (other than in a container title bar that can’t be made big enough.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that summary tables were designed when TBXs were smaller and are only textual summaries in a tabular layout. They are not some sort of embedded spreadsheet, though that might be a easy first and wrong guess. :slight_smile: I note that as I had to go back and check some things before answering here.

Not knowing the type/amount of data it is hard to give specific alternatives but I’d look at Attribute Browser view and Dashboards. don’t forget that different views are essentially the same data presented differently and that background tabs are doing no (background work) so aren’t an overhead.

Another approach is to make an (export) template to make your table in HTML and then to see the summary, select the container and switch the text view to its preview pane.


Darn :grin:

I find the Table Summary very helpful, the Attribute Browser not so. I normally create an agent and then get the Table Summary to show me the attributes I want and sort them the way I want. I can never seem to replicate this with the attribute browser and so don’t use it.

Thanks for clearing up the scrollbar question though!

I also overlooked Column View in Outline.

Even with Summary tables you get 2 levels of sort ($Sort and $SortAlso) as essentially you are looking at the $OutlineOrder of the child map items, i.e. as you’d see them listed in an outline. so, Outline+Column view might fit your bill.

Tip for using column view. If using large documents in outline, especially the root outline (i.e. the whole TBX) toggle the column view aspect on/off when not needed as it will make the view a bit faster on slower/older macs. The tab [sic] will remember the column settings so as long as the tab isn’t closed, re-enabling columns will bring back the same settings.

If you’d like the community to help yuo explore this more, I’d suggest uploading a TBX with a enough notes/attributes to show your problem and we can use that as a reference model to explore possible alternative solutions.

Thank you kind sir! It’s been a while since I fully used TBX, so I’m refreshing my memory. At the moment things are working. I’m using it for planning events for the whole year, overview on projects, and on a Masters I started in September.

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No worries, the forum’s always here and every problem’s a learning opportunity for all. :slight_smile: