Cannot copy a selection

Whatever I do, I can only copy one item at a time from one TBX file to another TBX file.

I watched yesterdays meeting (Feb 12) and saw (at least I thought I saw) Michael Becker move/copy a selection.

So I created a number of notes, created a bit of a structure with children’s and tried to move this as a selection to another TBX file. The result is that the structure is not moved/copied, only the note under the cursor is moved/copied.

Am I missing a setting of the TBX file?

I can’t replicate this. I just copied several branches of an outline and when pasted into another document, that’s what I see.

Can you give step by step (i.e no assumptions as to what to do0 to re-create? That doesn’t imply you’re doing anything wrong, just that what you report can’t be replicated.

Here’s a screen grab of my test (2 unsaved TBXs). I’ve expanded the pasted conted as it arrives collapsed:

The only oddity was that note ‘rabbit’ was not selected/copied (or not by my intent) so I guess came along at the rest of the branch was selected.

However, you seem to have a different issue. Aha - if I select the same content as above and drag from old to new, I only get the first (by $OutlineOrder) item in the source selection. In truth I don’t think the outcome of a multi-note selection between TBX documents is documented (in part because originally in the v6+ re-built app it wasn’t possible.

For now, use copy/paste not drag/drop and you should be OK.

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Shouldn’t be the case if you’re doing it right.

Try this:

  • Switch to Outline View.
  • Press Cmd-5, so you are seeing 2 panes (the ‘main’ view and the Text view) (this step is only good practice)
  • Select multiple Notes in the left side pane there, as one might select files in the MacOS Finder.
  • Copy, open a new Tinderbox document, switch to Outline View, Paste - into the left side pane.

That should do it.

I notice that whenever I drag a selection of Notes around and if for some reason the action ‘breaks’ (as in I reach the top of the screen while scrolling, or my finger accidentally lifts off the mouse while dragging) - and immediately after, only the first/top item of my original selection is still being dragged.

I use this as a safety feature, or accommodate my window so as to avoid the ‘break’.

Note also that dragging multiple Notes from one to another window in the same project is not supported; it invokes the same ‘break’.

Hope this is useful.

@mwra Taking your setup with the fruits. There is two containers, Fruit and Animal, with some content. If I create a TBX “A” and then open a new TBX “B” file, select the Fruit container in “A” and drag it to the empty window of TBX “B” my result in “B” is a Note labeled Fruit, not the Container Fruit. Whatever I do I can ONLY drag 1 note from A to B. Same thing happen if an open the container and select the Container note and all of its contents one by one to create the selection. Only the note under the cursor is moved.

It could very well be something in my Ventura setup, but I have verified the same behaviour with a newly created user on my system. I have also tried other applications and in these have had no problem with copying/moving selections.

Try copy/paste instead of drag.

Yes, this procedure works OK.
The problem I have is that I cannot move a selection with the mouse. Whatever I do in a selection only 1 item is going to be affected.

Yes, copy/paste do work fine.

That’s true: you can only drag multiple notes within a document.

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To select multiple contiguous notes hold the Shfit Key down, click one not and then another one up or down the outline. To select non-contingous notes hold the command key and click on each individual note.

Have you tried this?

Yes I have tried this

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Can you confirm you are copying a selection of notes and then pasting (not dragging) the selection into a second note?

Yes, I can make a selection, ⌘-C to copy and do ⌘-V in a new TBX-file window.

OK. Good. So, to move multiple notes from one document to another:

  • select the notes
  • copy and paste to the target TBX
  • check pasted content is OK
  • delete the copied notes from the source TBX

This is required because, as noted, only single notes can be dragged from one TBX document to another.

I would add to this list:

  • Check to see if you have user-generated attributes that are not in your destination file. If they are notes, copy the notes. Create the attributes. Then copy and paste the notes again.

This is important. if the destination file does not have a user-generated attribute the values of these attributes will not be copied over to the destination file.

Actually, if moving cross-TBX you also need to consider prototypes and more, see Copying or Moving notes within Tinderbox.

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