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Capturing Notes in Timeline

Symptom: Notes duplicated in timeline

I’m experimenting with a TB Structure to write a book.

I’ve taken the approach of creating a series of events, where each event is a note.
Then allocated a tag to indicate the chapter in which the event should appear.
Used the tags with an Agent to collect all the events for a given chapter.

I want to display the chronology of events in a timeline view but I’m finding that the events on the timeline appear twice. I assume:

  • Once for the original note, and
  • Once for the same note appearing in the Chapter Agent.

Is there anyway to control the notes appearing in the timeline so that I only get one occurrence of an “Event” in the timeline?


Yes. See: $TimelineAliases which can be set via the Timeline’s Settings pop-over. See more on the scope of inclusion for notes and Timeline view in general.

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