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Catalina macOS vs Tbx 7

I have a tbx db with over 4,000 notes that weights 120 MB. I can’t open it. I can’t open other older backup copies. I can open other tbx files. I just don’t know what else to try.

I have a 3 year old MacBook Air, and it does struggle to run tbx smoothly.

Losing all the information in that file… it’d be a bit devastating. Please share your expertise.

Thank you in advance

Please contact Tech Support (info@eastgate.com) to progress this, it is not really an issue other users can fix—noting that this is a user-to-user forum (rather than formal vendor tech support).

In general I can say that neither the note count (4k notes) nor the hardware (2016 MacBook Air) seem problematic. I’ve only just swapped off a 2013 MacBook air and have used files with more notes then that.

The file size does seem overly large compared to what I’m used to seeing. Possible causes of file bloat are adding a lot of embedded files or images into $Text and/or using a lot of complexly-styled text (often when lasting from other sources).

Anyway, for this sort of issue tech support should be your first port of call. Given the file size, either compress it in a Zip or if still large, send an iCloud/Dropbox link or such as Support will likely need to see the file.

I followed your advice and help is on the way. Thank you!

Can I take this thread down?

Actually, I think it’s probably worth leaving up as it is a useful pointer to others as to when to contact support directly, but thank you for your consideration in reporting back and thinking of whether he thread is needed.

I hope you are up and running again soon. If the cause of the issue becomes known it might also be useful to record here, if only to inform long term readers so they can help if this scenario crops up again!

Update: the problem was that Tbx 7 is incopatible with Catalina macOS. Problem fixed by upgrading to Tbx 8. Thank you for your prompt and profesh responses, cheers!