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Change Link Font Size?

Isn’t it possible to change font size for linkage text? :slightly_smiling_face:

What is this?

If you mean the text pane’s optional Links panel, then at present (as at v9.3.0) I do not believe the user can control that pane’s formatting (i.e. font colour/font/size)

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You can set the font used to draw link labels in Document Settings: Maps.

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Yes, I wanted to change the size this only! :disguised_face:

As your and @eastgate’s screengrab show, the map view link label is written in the document default font ($NameFont) and size ($NameSize):

The colour of the link line and label are controlled by the link type:

Althuogh you could alter, for example the $NameFont and $NameSize of the maps parent container, this would likely also affect all the notes on the map too.

So, currently, there is no independent control.

Were changes to me made here, it makes sense to move the font/size to link control (i.e. move from the map note configuration). However, it might make finding/resetting badly configured link captions unless extra link configuration controls were added to the Inspector (ROI?).

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  • Link labels are drawn in the base size, set in Document Settings
  • Note titles are based on the base size, but individually (or collectively) modified by $NameSize

Useful, so labels in all maps can only be defined at one size.

Thus today, if the OP absolutely wanted bigger link labels for instance, they would have to set the document default map font size bigger and then set a smaller $NameSize values to scale the map icon titles back to the desired size. OW, something likely not done unless in a real bind.

Latter is just clarifying the options today. I’ve no option on the need for discrete label controls. ISTM the need depends on the degree to which users want to use Tinderbox as a drawing app rather than using an actual drawing app.

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I see, so, it’s a way to make the label font look relatively small.
That is sufficient. Thanks! :grin:

$NameSize Control is good for me, thank you!! :heart_eyes: