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Changing box color with contextual menu


At one time, it was possible to change the color of a box in Map View by using the contextual menu.

Two questions:

  1. Has this feature actually gone away, or am I just “doing it wrong?”
  2. If it has gone away, could it be brought back?

Thanks for your help!

This was a feature of Tinderbox 5.

The problem here is that colors come in so many variants — “light red” or “cool blue” — that the menu might either be too long or omit the color you really want. The addition of the tonal colors “1” through “9” complicates this, too.

If you do this often, consider using a stamp — the new hierarchical stamp menus are nifty.

Or, the appearance inspector is only a ⌘-1 away.

Perfect-- thanks, Mark!