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Changing font in document settings

Edit>Document settings…>Colors

Is it possible to change typefaces in the (nicely done!) color themes?

Thanks, R

Yes, by editing the color theme (.tbc) files. You’ll find the build-in schemes in the package; you can add your own in the support folder’s color schemes folder.

Thank you! Forgive my ignorance - where do I find the .tbc files?

Select the Tinderbox application (or any application) in Finder, right-click, and choose “Show Package Contents.” The files you want are in Contents/Resources/color schemes.

And here: color schemes.zip (826.5 KB)

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OK, only one more question, I think. I can’t open the .tbc file. What program do I use to do so?

Never mind, I opened my text editor. Doh.

I had not known about being able to edit the color schemes, and add new ones. Thanks to @hrmhrm for asking and @eastgate for the info.

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