Changing list to string

quick question: I try to extract the first Surname from the $Authors and then put it into Devonthink URL schema together with $PublicationYear:




the action code won’t extract the surname. What am I doing wrong?


Don’t clobber the value of $MyString (line 3); instead, look at it. What is the Tinderbox putting in $MyString?

My guess is that either $MyString is being set to “” — which would be consistent with your report —or that $SearchDevonthink is not an attribute: remember that attributes are case-sensitive. (The casing of DEVONthink has driven me up the wall for a decade.)

Thanks for your prompt reply.
$MyString is empty. I’m sure casing is not the issue here. I will think about other ways and report later.

What is contained in $Authors?

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My $Authors attribute is a system attribute of the Reference prototype. But your reply made me check my RegEx again and I found that I made mistake in action code syntax and regex itself. It’s working now, thanks!