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Changing the default Time Format of the Timeline view

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I hate this inconsisten format which stucks the Date between the month and the Year (Month-Day-Year:weary:).

I want the format to be either Date-Month-Year; or Year-Month-Date. I have changed my default time format in the Inspector to Date-Month-year. This, however, is not affecting the time format at the bottom of the Timeline view.

Any way to change it?

I find it myself. I have to change it in Mac OS preference. TB uses the Short format of the Mac OS.

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Also, for completeness, the attribute you show in the Inspector screen grab in the OP is $KeyAttributeDateFormat, which affects the Key Attribute display only.

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In testing this, I notice that the label of the Timeline’s bottom scale also adjusts to the overall scale of the timeline. So rather than day or months it might just show years. But as @Desalegn reports the day-month order and date styling are controlled by the OS.

However, if changing the latter is problematic, you can try the locale() action - see here.


Good to know about locale().

Assume other possible local IDs would be ones listed here? Or perhaps better here?

Not sure. To paraphrase my aTbRef notes:

Locale codes begin with a two-letter language code, followed by and underscore and a two-letter region code. These are ISO standards ISO-639 and ISO-3166 respectively. Code combinations are available for any language supported by Mac OS X.

So if those links describe either ISO-639 or ISO-3166, then yes! The first link you give links through to here, the right-hand column of which has the 2-letter ISO-639-1 codes.