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Changing the position of $Name on a pasted $Text image?

I have pasted an image in $Text field of a note, however, by default, when the note is viewed in map view the $Name is seen in the middle of the viewed image. What I want, is the for the $Name to appear at the TOP Left Corner of the note in map view not in the center of the note.

NB: Under the map attribute I noticed $NameAlignment==“left” (Unfortunately, if I change the value to “top”, nothing seems to happen.

Thanks in advance

Here is what I mean…


What I want:

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$NameAlignment controls the justification (i.e. horizontal alignment) of the title within the map view note icon. The allowed values are thus: left/center/right.

Images within $Text are simply rendered as part of the displayed $Text - see here.

If you want an image to fill the whole icon use $Fill. Also, see this.

So, whist a $Fill would solve the image aspect, you can’t control the vertical positioning of the note title on a note with no (displayed) $Text.

If you really need this configuration, I suggest emailing Eastgate with a request for a new feature, not overlooking to describe the problem it would fix.

Thanks Mark for your reply and appreciate your explanation of my options. My reason for asking is less cosmetic and more about having the title not interfere (blur) my scanned written journal pages linked from Devonthink and added to Tinderbox. The position of the text is interfering with my written notes because of its middle/centered position which overlays written text. Your answer as always are helpful. My first thought was to try to change the position of the $Name (title) to the top left position. Now I am not so sure. Perhaps a better solution instead will be to play with setting its opacity to 0% thereby eliminating the appearance of the centered titled position altogether.

Thanks again for helping my come up with a better solution.

For now, put a blank line before your image in the text, to have a result like the left-hand result below:

OK, I realise the inline image doesn’t fill the whole icon but the Title is kept out of the way. Beyond that, you need a feature request.

Or, with no line before the image in text (right-hand example above) you could set $TitleOpacity for the note to 0 (zero) with this result:


This note still has a title ($Name value) but is it rendered transparently in the map icon.

Thanks Mark. This was Exactly what I wanted to know. I never knew the blank line before an image would create a different looking image as well as the other options.

Thanks again

Another option is to use $Caption (and make $TitleOpacity==0 as @mwra suggested).

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Thanks Paul for your thoughtful response. One of the reasons that I started to look at these options was in fact your response to another forum question: When the Image IS the note

Thanks as always for your insight as always
All the best,