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Changing the width of hundreds of adornments spread through multiple containers?

Given that agents can’t find adornments (for good reasons), would the quickest way to change the widths of exisiting adornments be hacking the .tbx file in a text editor, or is there some way of doing it in the app itself? I have a wider monitor now, and my initial setup has the adornments (snapped together in a vertical column) not using up all of my new screen real estate.

Thanks in advance.

How about making a stamp

 Name: FullScreenAdornment
 Action: $Width=46;

or whatever width you want. Then select your adornments and apply the stamp.

I already set them up with a stamp, just wanted a “one fell swoop” over an entire document thing because they are in monthly containers going back a few years now. No big deal, it’s a one-time process.

I don’t think you can’t do this in-app other than by a stamp, as suggested above. Why? Because Action code is blind to adornments neither an agent nor a find() action can match adornments. Why? Because adornments were originally conceived of as map-only visual enhancement and not something you would need to automate other than in a role as a smart adornment and which is not germane here. Perhaps there is a feature request lurking here - though simply making adornments accessible to normal action code queries would not be ideal as years of users code will exist that may cease to work correctly if such a change were made (e.g. find things it never used to, thus changing match counts and breaking conditional tests). However, an action that perhaps fond/acted on only adornment might fill a gap in action use.

If you are happy working with the source XML, then look at the <adornment> tag (see here) which could certainly be detected in a code editor. If not used to such work, don’t use an RTF editor such as Word or Pages and if using TextEdit do so in plain text mode. Best is to use a code editor such as BBEdit or SublimeText, etc…

Yup, I can fumble my way through the XML. I’ll do it with a dupe file (probably using Notepad++ on my Windows machine). Thanks for the info.

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Yes - working on a dupe is self-evidently good . :smile:

Hopefully there’s enough in the reference i gave to point the way. If you find it insufficient, i’d be interested to know. I rarely do transforms of this type so it will be interesting to know if my docs help or hinder.

You might be able to use the AppleScript interface for this task. I say ‘might’ as i’ve not tried and my docs on this are a bit sparse at present.

In the end it was super simple because all I had to do was find & replace on the specific width attribute, because it was specific to all the adornments I wanted to change.

I knew where to find the stuff prior to your post, but as always your level of detail is very useful, and good for others to find later via searches.

This point has been made by I think you and others in the past, but I think it might be something that could really be shouted even more by Eastgate – Tb data isn’t a locked format. It’s rendered in good old XML, so if needs be you can go digging around in it (if you know what you’re doing), but it also means your data is accessible outside of Tb for whatever reason, be it you don’t want to use Tb anymore or something else like doing hacks that might not be available in-app. I trust putting data into formats that are readable by text editors much more than black boxes.



I’d add to your point that even for those who don’t get XML, Tinderbox’s strong export infrastructure means pretty much anything is exportable, even if some help with templates is needed; but that’s exactly the sort of task with which the forum can help.