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^childLinks^ geneate a numbered list?

Is there a way to have ^childLinks^ generated a numbers list.

I know I can do this with an include template, just wondering if I can be done with ^childLinks^ as I think that will be easier.

Yes, see here. You can override the default list mark-up with your own code.

Well then, I read that 3 times and clearly did not understand what I was reading. ;-). I get it now, thanks for the nudge.

Suggestion, maybe add this example to the aTbRef:

"For example, if you want to create a numbered list, do the following:

Works great, BTW.

I had exactly the same thought when I checked the reference, but it was late and I was just turning in. A task for today, as the example actually needs linking to pages for a number of list-generating export codes.

OK, done—in a new article here. I’ve also revised the notes for each of the 12 list-generating export codes and cross linked them to the new page. There’s further re-factoring of duplicated material that could moved to a single note but that’s a bigger task that I’ll leave for the next major baseline revision (i.e. v9—in due course).