Clarification on Function use (aTbRef)

Thanks to some useful input from @satikusala I’ve been able to add some clarifications in aTbRef about returning data from a function and how it is accessed. Whilst blindly obvious for those with coding training, it may be less so to others. I’ve thus added a more explicit explanation about the need to use a receiving attribute or variable when calling a function that has a return value.

I’ve thus updated the articles for Returning function values and Calling functions to reflect this.

TL;DR? Well, if a function fTest() returns the string “Hello”, this valid code will call the function:


but importantly, the returned value is lost unless there is a left-side object such as an attribute or variable to receive it:

$MyString = fTest();

Thus, $MyString now holds the returned value Hello. The exact data type on the left will depend on the function called and the overall context. The key point is if you expect a return you much set something to hold the called function’s return operator value.


Thanks. Super helpful!!!