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Clarification on text pane link tool

I’ve just updated a re-titled page on the text pane link widget. Although it looks like the main tab-bar link park, it functions more in the style of the view pane selected-item’s link widget. The difference with the text pane tool is that depending on whether the $Text has a selection, the dragged link is created as a Tinderbox basic or text link.

If you need to link to note not in view either:

  • Scroll/expand the view without altering the current note selection, then drag from the text pane widget to the target note.
  • If you can bring the target in view without altering the selected note, before altering the view, drag from the text pane widget to the main tab-bar link park, then set the view and complete the link by dragging from the link park.

It’s all much simpler in practice than this amount of text might imply, yet the process may not be so obvious first time around.

Separately, if you use the pop-up link completion dialog by clicking on the text pane widget, you can create a link without dragging. If a link is generated this way, the dialog remembers (for the current session) the last used target - even if the text pane is selected for a different note. This can be useful if needing to link several different notes to the same target, as the main link part only stores the source half of the link as opposed to the destination half. At present, the link completion dialog is not populated for a link generated by normal drag/drop though a feature suggestion for such functionality has been made.

(site map and TBX zip are also updated/uploaded).

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Hi Mark,

thanks for the explanation and the links. I think I figured this out. With the little green circle I can link to any link suggested in suggestions. (also figured out, how to use that across maps via the link park icon on the top left), something I was looking how to do before. To create text links is a neat feature for this as well. thanks for taking the time to explain.

In the future I was maybe hoping (I would think others might find that useful) that you could right click on any link (suggested or existing in the link view pane) and have options like “copy text link” / “copy alias into clipboard memory”… or similar actions to leverage the possibilities even further.

thanks again. write / chat / text soon, I guess.


Good. Note too, that the create link dialog gives you yet more options often overlooked. The recent focus on the keyboard-centric ‘ziplinks’ method of link creation is great for touch-typists, but it’s possible to venerate speed over quality of (and through about0 linkage. Also the ziplink method only makes text links and can’t set link types so isn’t necessarily the time saver it seems.