Clean TB file of unnecessary link types

For some reason I have 4 linked connections in my TB File that have an unnamed link type (and that is not *untitled). I would like to change these 4 connections to “*untitled” and delete the link type from the link type inspector but I have not found a way to do so. Can you help me out with solution/query/attribute browser hint?

This agent query query with find those notes:


This asks does any (*) note have an outbound link of type “”. The agent makes aliases of such notes. so, if the outbound notes are text links (links with anchors in the source $Text) you can correct the link type by opening the aliases’ Browse Links. For aliases where the ‘bad’ link is a basic (note to note) link , you will need to locate the original (Show Original / Cmd+R), before using the original’s Browse Links to correct the link type.

Once all link types are corrected (the agent will now match nothing) the agent may be deleted.

Before deleting the link type you might consider making a copy of your TBX document just in case you make a mistake.

Now, open the Links Inspector and from the Link Types selector (top control on the panel) select the list item with no label. Now, click the button to the right of this control and from the pop-up, select the item Delete “”. The link type is deleted. You are finished.

Does this fix your problem?

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Thank you! That was exactly what I was attempting to do :slight_smile: