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Cleanup to grid question

I’m rearranging a large cluster of randomly distributed notes that I’ve accumulated. There are several hundred notes. I resized them to a standard size successfully, then I wanted to give them a grid structure. When I apply View/Arrange/Cleanup/To grid I get a grid but one that is so closely spaced as to give the appearance of tiles, which is not what I wanted. Is there a way of achieving a more widely spaced grid?

I did look at this discussion:

  • but although interesting it didn’t offer any clues.


Current map clean-up options are as described here. There is currently no feature to nudge the grid size.If you know the desired grid size then action code could possibly be used to update the grid.

Thanks Mark. The other options aren’t particularly helpful. I can’t think of a way to use actions to rearrange the grid yet. I can’t see any action codes that would obviously apply here either.
(As an aside, in ‘old’ Tinderbox there were two grid spacing options weren’t there? It would be useful to have them back, so maybe I should be putting in a feature request.)

Sure, I only put the link to confirm the status quo … and I did a good look around to see if the v5 ‘nudge’ feature survived.

Something to test, with a small file/selection is if the new guides work to hold and expand/contract the grid if you select the whole grid and then drag a note in column 2/row 2. Something to try. Of course if you’ve 00s of notes in the grid even then it might not be such a good method.

@BobKay : is your map zoomed out significantly?

Yes, it is… as I had a lot of notes to deal with. Standard view does bring back a gap between notes. I suspect I am expecting a little too much of Tinderbox, or possibly not using enough imagination. I am going to try and mess around with Mark’s idea, and probably use other (agent-based) ways of selecting out notes.

Thanks anyway.

I think there’s help on this coming in Tinderbox 8.

The underlying issue border scaling; borders scale differently because a reasonable border at 100% scale is going to be invisible at 12.5% scale. As a result, you want more spacing between notes than someone who was working most of the time at 100% scale.

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This is a nice example of why 'simple user problems are anything but. So this sort of feedback is really helpful. Thanks.

That made me think about how I present problems in the forum in future. A good level of detail about the task involved is probably useful to you.

That sounds good. The scale issue also applies in the case of note names, which I am forever tinkering with to get a size I can see zoomed out without being too big at 100%

Just a quick note to say I’m very happy with the revised cleanup tools. Thanks folks!