Cmd+option+control how to change behaviour? (conflict with BTT)

Hello! I am using BTT for Hyperkey and noticed that Tinderbox uses cmd+opt+control hotkey for zoom out. Because I have several hyperkey hotkeys linked to switching language layout every time I switch, I got zoom out when I write in the name pole of note. How to find and change behavior of cmd+opt+control in Tinderbox?

Tinderbox’s shortcuts (there are many!) are not user-configurable. However, …

Bindings to shortcuts are made when the app opens. If two apps desire to use the same shortcut for different purposes, it is the first app loaded in the current macOS session (i.e. since last boot-up) that ‘wins’ the shortcut. With that in mind, if BTT (not sure what that is) is loaded before Tinderbox, then BTT’s mapping will hold. I think the mapping frees if the app closes, so if you get the wrong result, close both apps and open BTT then Tinderbox.


Thank you very much for your reply! BTT is Better Touch Tool. So Hyperkey is Caps lock which functions as simultaneously pressed cmd+opt+ctrl+shift. It is very convenient way to shorten hotkeys. Unfortunately, your method does not work. But thanks to you I have understood that I can’t change Tinderbox shortcuts.

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I too have this keyboard conflict with Hyperkey and the “BirdsEye” view in maps.

If this view were listed in the menu, then the “default” Tinderbox keyboard shortcut could be customized by the user using System Preferences/Keyboard/Shortcuts/App Shortcuts

However, since this is not the case, I think this would be a feature request ask @eastgate.


I have the hyper key mapped to F12 and I also use a lot of shortcuts with cmd-opt-ctl, so I too would request that the command is made visible on a menu so it can be overridden.


I also join formal request for this view to be listed in menu.

I don’t know if it might be possible to do something with Karabiner but it might be worth investigating.

I tried looking for a Karabinar and/or Keyboard Maestro workaround but could not. Perhaps others will have better luck.