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Columns in outline view

Hello, everyone!

Apologies if this has been dealt with … I’m a newbie and not great at searching the forum with the right lingo yet. Please direct me to a different thread if this has already been handled.

I have an agent that queries for notes, in an attempt to develop a task list across projects (which are each a separate container). I need to see what project each note is in.

The container that shows up in the agent’s outline view is the container that the agent is in, not the container that the note is originally in. (Perhaps this is the alias thing I see people talking about?) How do I override this to show the container of the original note, or is there some other attribute I can create/use to display the container of the original note as a column?

I’ve set each task to show its container as a subtitle, but that’s not working in outline view for some reason. No subtitle shows up in the outline. The correct subtitle (showing the original container rather than the container the agent’s in) shows up on the map view of the agent, though.

I just fixed this myself by creating a new attribute (“OriginalContainer”) and setting it to $Container in a rule on the prototype. When I display that column in outline view of the agent, it shows the correct container.

Look at the ‘original’ designator. Consider a note and an alias inside an agent. Were we to use:

$MyString = $Container;

It would differ for the note and aliases as they do indeed have different parent containers. But if we use:

$MyString = $Container(original);

then both return the same value as the alias will look not for its own container but that of the note of which it is an alias.

You might also want to look up the notion ‘intrinsic’ attributes. these a a small number of system attributes where original notes and their aliases can have discrete values of the same attribute.

What? consider the fact an original and an alias on the same map can (will!) have different map locations so $Xpos and $Ypos need to be stored discretely for each object. By comparison, the value of $Color will be the same for original and alias.