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Composite name - agent query and find search failure

I have a named composite - TestComposite1

However, neither Find TestComposite1 nor an agent with query $Name.contains(“TestComposite1”) locates the composite. Is there another way to locate named composites? What about linking to named composites?

$Name is the name of an individual note. Composites are a different animal, and the “name” of a composite is an different entity than note $Name. Composite names can be located by an agent query with


A listing of composite-based agent query and action codes can be found here.

Edit: The agent results will list all the notes inside that named composite, but the results themselves will not be composited. In other words, agents can find members of composites, but it does not find “composites” per se. A little confusing perhaps?

Concur - there is no find method for the composite itself. The feature is new and bedding down. What are you expecting the locate to do? Shift the current view to display the composite? Shift the current view to the map holding the container (if currently showing a different one)? something else. Context and intent aren’t as obvious to another person not seeing your screen - and thus for the app too.

The questions aren’t to disparage the original one above but to help understand what such a locate task would do and in what contexts it would apply, e.g. if I’m currently in a timeline view, would such a command work and if so to what effect?