Consistent Crashing

I’ve been having some trouble with Tinderbox lately, as it keeps crashing repeatedly. It has crashed around 2 to 4 times during each usage.

Just tonight, I created a basic note in a new file and started filling out the body, but unfortunately, it crashed again and I lost all the progress on that note. It’s becoming quite frustrating.

Forgive me it this is the incorrect category but I wanted to check if this issue is already known because it seems to be happening consistently. I don’t normally complain about the occasional crash, but this has been happening far too often.

Send all crash reports, with the logs, to (If you have sent any crash reports, we haven’t received them.)

I haven’t seen a crash in months, and I spend most of my time in highly experimental builds.

This is impossible. A crash, by definition, terminates the application.

Thanks, I have sent the reports and will do so as per your instruction in the future.

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For everyone, probably helpful to re-up in this link: Using OS X Finder to locate Crash and Hang logs.

Sometimes an app (any app) crash triggers the OS crash reporter dialog. However, it is very uncommon for a crash to occur without creating a log. As these are in a folder hidden from normal use, the article above explains where to find them (if you don’t already know!).

The two crashes reported here appear to involve timeline view, in the context of an agent update that changes dates — presumably in the timeline. We’re investigating, but it’s not likely the issue, whatever it is, is widespread.

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