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Container Icon (drill-down) option

Using map view, I find that the view into a container isn’t that useful in most cases. For one thing, it tends to spoil the symmetry with non-container notes in the same view. It just doesn’t look as clean. I’d like to have an option for a drill-down icon, rather than the miniature container contents view. There’s a Mac app called InShort that uses this convention quite effectively. My diagrams look clean, while packed with detail that can be drilled down into.

I assume one would select this option for an entire document/fiile, rather than note-by-note.

There already are several drill-down methods:

  • Down arrow (with container selected)
  • Double click on container viewport.

To hide the viewport, simply set $TitleHeight equal to $Height.

Thanks! That does work. ($TitleHeight=$Height to hide container contents.)
This is the sort of solution I wouldn’t have known to look for.

You can pull down the “window shade” of the selected container if you’d prefer not to display the viewport.

I was in a rush for a meeting earlier and should have included MB’s point, as when you drag the ‘shade’ you’re essentially altering the stored value of $TitleHeight. There’s a bit more on this here - even if only as a bookmark from when you forget which bit to adjust. Useful for map use might be stamps you could make:

‘Hide Viewport’. Code: $TitleHeight=$Height;

‘Reset Viewport’. Code: $TitleHeight=;

I just tested both and even for a resized container both work as imagined. If you’ve ‘hidden’ the container viewport and re-size the container you’ll need to re-apply the ‘hide’ stamp but I don’t think that’s onerous (and better than running the code all the time as a rule which would be overkill for the task at hand).

That’s helpful too. Never paused my pointer long enough to see a “window shade” control. You’ve anticipated my proposal and there’s really no need for it. This topic probably belongs somewhere else.

I haven’t figured out a use for stamps yet. But a quick command like this might get me started.

Thanks to you both for your prompt reply to a very newbie comment.

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