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Containers that are Aliases

In Map (or other) view, is there a way to be able to click into Aliases of Containers to see Notes contained by the original Note? I can’t, and I want to.

I’ve uploaded a file as an example, but the general use case is:

I use Agents to sort/find notes by categories and I want to quickly be able to drill into containers that have been found my query and go to work on them. I know I can use the Show Original, but I was wondering if there is some other stuff I can do to avoid needing to do that.


Example Containers and Aliases.tbx (99.2 KB)

Select the alias, navigate to the original, and jump in.

(I see a way to make this simpler; stay tuned.)

is the meetup still on? I forgot about it.

Right Clicking on the Alias and selecting Open in New Tab actually does pretty much what I could ask for. I mena maybe a new whole window would be a nice option b/c 27" monitors, but I may be unique in that.

I have no idea why I didn’t even NOTICE the option until you replied to my post. #MoreCoffee