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Controlling Note to Note Links

Is there anyway I can control where a link exits and enters a note. I use a range of tools to develop visual system maps. TBX has a major advantage in what you can do with notes, so if a note becomes a ‘node’ on my map I can add significant pieces of information to inform the map and guide its development. A lot of the system maps I work with are circular in nature but in TBX I can’t control the position of the link, thereby undermining the visual story of the map.

These maps, unlike most mind maps, do not revolve around a ‘hub and spoke’ structure but are more a set of interlinked circles - often referred to as ‘Causal Loop diagrams’. Being able to control exit and entry points of the links would really enhance this use of TBX for me.

Still a newbie, but finding more and more uses for TBX. Great product.


Ignore previous post - I found the answer to my own question in the link attributes dialog box. The more I work with TBX the more I find it can do. No doubt the limits are with me not the software.

Thanks for a great product

Note also that if you click and hold a link, fairly near the place where it enters or leaves its note, four large arrows will appear. Dragging to those arrows also lets you choose a specific entrance or exit point.