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Copy note to new document

Is there a way to copy a note from one document to another? Thanks.

Normal copy/paste (Cmd-C / Cmd-V) works fine, in my experience.

Now, I usually do this among files where the note have similar attributes. I don’t know how the system would handle it if you copied from a file with a lot of numeric / date attributes, to another file that didn’t have those attributes. But my experience is that the basic info – name, text, standard date info – gets transferred fine.

This is obviously something that one can experiment with oneself and draw one’s own conclusions.

See MB note, below ↓ ↓

Thanks Jim. So basic I didn’t even think of it!

Thanks Paul. That will be useful after I learn more.

Text links will be copied if you copy and paste both the source and destination. Otherwise, you’d have links that start in one document and end in another.

Attribute values will be copied if the attribute is defined in the destination document. So all built-in attributes will be copied, and any user attributes that exist in the destination will be copied as well.

A few attributes have special semantics for copying. For example, $Prototype will be preserved if there is a corresponding prototype in the destination document.

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Very helpful. Thank you kindly.