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Copying Stamps between files

Is there a way to transfer one’s custom stamps from one TBX file to another? I spent some time setting up some custom stamps in one file and would like to be able to use those stamps in other files.


There is no direct transfer method. Things you can do:

  • Open both files and the stamp Inspector. Copy each stamp from one to the other. Ideally, make all the new named stamps first then copy the code into them.
  • If comfortable with editing XML, open a copy (safety!) of the TBX with the stamps, look for the <menus> element and individual <stamp> element within and copy those across to the new file - see more.

There’s not a terrific way to do this.

  1. For one or two stamps, copy and paste will do what you need.

  2. For numerous stamps, copying the XML is certainly possible.

Most stamps, like most Tinderbox actions, are fairly simple and compact. If you have lots of complicated stamps, you might find a few minutes thought on ways to simplify them might prove rewarding in the long run.

Most of my stamps are super simple, which is why I want to recreate them in each of my TBX documents. A few examples: Center the title; Make the Subtitle larger and bright green; etc.

I even have a few Keyboard Maestro macros set up to activate the stamps really quickly.

One other approach is to make a stationery file with all your extras (stamps, regular prototypes, etc.) already configured and access it via your favourites: see more.


I highly recommend Mark A’s suggestion to create a “starter file”, store it in Favorites, then use File > Open Favorites > [My Starter File Name] instead of File > New. This way as your stamp collection and other favorites such as prototypes and templates expand and evolve you can keep that favorite file current with your latest. I have a collection of about 10 favorite files, for different purposes.


Now that’s a good use of that. It’s a template model. Makes sense. Thanks!