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Could not you enable to gain quick access to Tinderbox Forum?

Could not you enable to gain quick access to Tinderbox Forum ?
It takes too long to access to Tinderbox Forum.

Sublime Forum & Keyboard Maestro Forums are a strong resemblance Forums,
but those two Forums I can take a rapid glance.

I would like to offer suggestions for improvements.

Yours, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

Both the forums you mention also appear to use Discourse software (or close clone of it) for their forums. Are you talking about the layout of the ‘home’ page?

However, the two sites you mention differ in home page layout. KeyboardMaestro forum uses the same format as here in the Tinderbox forum, the ‘Categories’ page (sub-forum list on left, recent posts on right). The Sublime forum uses the ‘Latest’ page (full width list of most recent posts) as the home page.

Could you perhaps explain a bit more?

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Just my opinion, but it would an endless task for the forum admins to try to accommodate every starting point that users want. But, we can make our own starting points. It is easy to make a bookmark to whatever starting point in the forum you wish. For example, if you’re interested in seeing New posts when you open the forum, add a bookmark to your browser for


One click – you’re looking at what you want to see.


Dear Paul Walters,
Thank your for your advice.
It take little bit faster when I set down [http://forum.eastgate.com/latest].
Yes, it is easy to make a bookmark to whatever starting point in the forum I wish what based on your suggestions.

Only under my circumstances, to access from Japan ??

But I use fefault access-point for Keyboard Maestro and Sublime Text Forums.
Both Forums, I can connect faster than our Forum.
I hope our Forum could as same as faster to connect. like both Forums.

Dear Mark Anderson,
Yes, Keyboard Maestro Forum is same as Tinderbox Forum.
I do not care about page layout.
I abide by the sort that would be easy to manage what administrant think to do.

Only I would like to know the reason why
it take too log time to wait our Tinderbox site than Keyboard Maestro site.
Old our Forum is much better to access and look arround.

Could I make a request ?
Could we have a direct connection to newest Tinderbox.app in place?

Thank you for being so understanding.

Yours, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

This morning, accessing become little bit quicken, I feel.

@WAKAMATSU are you saying the website is loading slowly? I definitely saw some slowness / unable to connect earlier… but it seems to be working fine now.

Dear Pat,
From this morning (Japan Time), operate as usual same as Keyboard Maestro Forum’s.
I wonder why ?
At all events, in satisfactory condition now.
If I could find some sign that I would like report again.
I hope the way things stand and hold to proceed with uniform smoothness.

Thanks a lot for you and related to TB Forum’s attentive service.
Yours, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu from Japan

Ah… access time to the whole forum site. I think you just posted on a bad connectivity day. I don’t think the issue is that the forum has a particularly slow server. If it was, all users would see slow page load all the time and I certainly don’t despite being not on the same continent as Eastgate. Most likely there was some glitch in routing between the you and the server and the server and judging by your last post the glitch is gone.

Nothing compare to the old forum search. :wink: I can make coffee in between searches.

I am so glad we moved to the new forum. I love it.

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At least for me, the search function here is very fast. Here’s a video sample of what I am getting (on a normal home wifi connection.) Just fwiw.

Dropbox link to video here: “https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgk2xmlwn91hj3v/SearchFunction.mov?dl=0” (Need to put in quotes because the forum software does something odd to straight links.)