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CoVid Situation Report

MHS CoVid Daily Sitrep copy.tbx (189.5 KB)

Hi - I would appreciate some help with this tbx which I am using to create a daily Situation Report for a team of 200 clinicians ( Doctors, Nurses and paramedics ) who are in the front line looking after Covid positive and suspected patients in quarantine facilities ( I work in the National Ambulance Service of Qatar which has a mobile healthcare service which is providing swabbing and family medicine type services to these patients )

We are all working long hours and I’ve never known a situation where facts/policies and procedures change so quickly - good comms with such a distributed workforce is hard at the best of times but this tbx is saving me a great deal of time

I’ve uploaded a copy and lorem dipsummed the real content. I’ve added a read me file to explain the key attributes and the agent queries and you can see the output by looking at the preview of the agent ag_NextIssue

Each piece of information is based on a prototype SitRepItem. I use a the unique ID KA so that staff can update me if something has changed and can refer to the specific piece of info. Some info needs hammering home until it is commonplace and so I have a ReUse boolean to flag that and the agent picks those out again for re-Publishing

Specifically I would like to be able to have the ID act as a mailto: link that automatically pulls the $text into the body of an email with the ID as subject line

Is this possible?

Any other suggestions on how the TBX might be improved or usefully extended would be gratefully received.

Best WIshes

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Looking at this. Add a built-in template to your doc (you can always delete the template when done) as this inserts the right prototype. The latter does all sorts of useful stuff like turning off coercion of straight quotes into typographic quotes; the latter don’t work in HTML code (as opposed to content).

I’ve also added the Code prototype and applied it to the children of the /BoilerPlate container.

Take a look at: MHS CoVid Daily Sitrep-ed1.tbx (181.1 KB)

I’ve also parameterised the email addressee’s name in $Email. An example is set in the prototype but it can be over-written on per-case notes.

I hope this helps. Do ask - these sorts of taks arew like peeling back the alyers.

Note: be aware the email protocol, used as you asked wasn’t intended for pumping large amount of text into an email and certainly not styled text. so, it might make sense to only email paragraph #1 (or a few paragraphs) and be careful with the use of styling in those paragraphs.

Anyway, happy to help in any way. Just ask if the above doesn’t make sense.

Very Grateful Mark

Yes as it stands this doesn’t work ( word falls over and other cutting and pasting into outlook produces goggledygook ( the subject and To: work fine.))

I might seed the body text with something like " You have indicated you wish to update item number $ID - thank you -_> enter your response here…

Once again many thanks and keep safe everyone

Good. Can’t find the reference but I think there is a character limit (256 chars?). This might be of use.

Another route might be to invoke the email via Terminal (using runCommand()) or via AppleScript.

Anyway, happy to help further if needed.

We could do automated emails. But as this appears to be merely a daily task, it might be better to retain the manual copy./paste step: it only takes a few seconds and it provides a chance to see that what you are sending is actually what you intend to send.

I always recommend against the temptation to automate too much too soon.

But say the word and we’ll make this straightforward. (Anyone else need to send emails direct from Tinderbox?)

I’ve tweaked MA’s code for seeding the email fields and it works a treat now and the reports are getting appreciated - thanks for helping me support my team - useful tips too about using the built in templates - here is a short snippet with header/footer and one ‘safe’ item for sharing

Monday, 30 March 2020, 22:06

MHS CoVid19 Situation Report

A regular update on important MHS operational changes and current clinical considerations related to CoVid19 Each item is valid at the date and time stamped at the start of the report, and any item may appear again in future reports until the information becomes clearly commonplace knowledge or is no longer valid advice. This update compliments the HMC Covid-19 staff update and the MOPH Collaborative site which should also be checked for up-to-date information.
Lab (Category: Laboratory )

The laboratory location for dropping off viral swab samples is 4th Floor ( left hand side) Building 321 in Medical City.

click to feedback on this item

WHO CoVid19 Quick Links to Situation Reports and Advice

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Yes - doesn’t take any time at all that step. I’d like to parameterise individuals receiving the report and group them by their discipline ( nurse, paramedic, doctor, executive management…) so that some items are left out for some groups - No urgency on this just seems like a natural extension and will make a nice project when I get some time - many thanks

Great. If you need a hand parameterizing the emails, let us know!

Hi - reports continue to well received.

The tbx takes individual items to construct the report with header and footer. You will see from the header that I declare some items will be reused because they are important to keep emphasising and will be removed once common knowledge or outdated/wrong

What might be the best way to keep track of how many times an item has been re-used? The boolean just marks it for reuse at present. How would a counter be updated? The published date KA will record a date of first publication ( the EmailSent date KA is not needed I’ve found) but that will get written over for subsequent publications so I’m reluctant to do that

I think that as the number of items grows it will be difficult for me to keep track in my head and I’d like to get to a position where if ReUse count was up to 5 say then it should not be used again. I take Mark B’s point of not automating too early but my list of news items is growing fast and I’d like a steer on the most elegant solution for this - many thanks in anticipation of your help

Perhaps create a numeric attribute ($UsageCount or similar), and create a rule to increment $UsageCount=$UsageCount+1 based on some action. Or use a stamp for this.

As I understand it, you send these reports daily. So, the elapsed time between creating an item and today


might be a good proxy. So, you could have an agent that looked for aging items

Query: days($Created,date(“today”))>5 & ($ReUse==true)
Action: $ReUse=false;

where $ReUse is a boolean attribute that is true for evergreen items and false otherwise./\

Thanks Mark - that seems a good approach - If I make a KA for the agent of $Age and make your > an = I can change the KA easily to take a manual look at items of specific age - I think that would helpful for managing the long list - thanks ( and thanks also Paul - I was thinking along the same lines as you but couldn’t decide on the type of action that would increment the count )

Another approach to reusable notes:

  1. Make an agent that gathers all reusable notes
  2. Open an outline tab on that agent
  3. Choose View ▸ Use Checkboxes
  4. Check any items that should no longer be repeated.

Then, when selecting items to repeat, add a test that the item is (!$Checked).

Thank you Mark - I’m trying both ideas at the same time!
I think 8.6.2 might have a screen refresh bug perhaps -I’ve had some examples where there has been a persistent drawing of a note name for instance that won’t dissapear with resizing or new tab creation - screen shot shows one such example of a banner like “Important: New PPE Advice” which you will see is just a note in the list below - not crucial but haven’t seen this before - Using Mac Book Pro Catalina 10.15.3

This is a known (reported) problem of outline view and the exact trigger is still being determined. If the stuck row re-occurs, re-opening the TBX doc will refresh the view.

If it is the same thing I am seeing: then switching to another tab, then back, seems to work.

Not exactly this case, but sometimes when I get visual glitches, clicking on the same tab seems to “reset” the view and fix it (no need to switch to another tab and get back).