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Crash in Map View on TBX 9.3.0

Running into a semi-consistent crash on TBX 9.3.0 on macOS 13.0.
Reproducible on both of my machines, using iCloud Drive and on local disk as the backing storage.

In the TBX file I created a few [empty] notes with just names, three prototypes, and an adornment with a simple query: $Name.contains("Values")

I have an extremely simple Test TBX file that I can use to reproduce this with.

Not much (or anything) your fellow users here can do about it. Please send the extremely simple Test TBX file to tech support (tinderbox@eastgate.com) or at least post it here, with detailed instructions for reproducing the issue.

Understood, thanks and email sent. Much appreciated @eastgate !

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the issue here; the document appears fine. Investigations continue.

Argh, aren’t elusive crashes the best! :laughing:

Let me know what other information may be valuable.

What happens if you re-create a brand new project along the same lines?