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Create a default view for new agents

Off the wall question, but is there a way to use Stamps to force a note to have its text format be Code?

Reasoning: As I’m learning and editing the code I’m finding that this is useful to view and to be able to test things out, play with new options. To accomplish this I create a Stamp that applies my agent porotype to new agents. I use this prototype to have $NoSpelling turned on, $SmartQuotes off, and $AgentQuery and $AgentAction visible. I can then easily copy and paste code between $Text and the agent query or action.

What I’d like now to do is be able to, through a stamp, is ensure the $Text format is Code, that way I can copy and paste code easier without its format getting messed up.

The built-in “Code” prototype? More flexible than the stamp approach and it sets more associated features useful if adding ‘code’.

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Although. you can set $Prototype="Code"; in a stamp, assuming you have already installed the Code prototype, it will not change the formatting of existing text or new text in a note to which the stamp is applied. I’ve always found it frustrating for that and other reasons to try to make an existing note into a Code note.

It is best to start with a new note. For example, install the Code prototype in a document, create a Code Notes container, whose on-add action is $Prototype="Code". Then create your code notes inside that container.

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Well then, that is strikingly obvious. :slight_smile: Thanks so much.

Thanks, Paul. Totally get it. Really appreciate the support.