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Create a zkn out of the Note(s) ( and view it in marked)

This create a zkn out of the Note(s), ie a markdown file named :
2020121245900 Creating a zkn.md ( or whatever name you choose)

This is a fork from Pat’s Preview your Tinderbox notes using Marked – export code edition]. All of its code and docs is Left, I have added a section:

Creating a zkn

Use the stamp “Make it a ZKN” on the note ( or section) . Technically, it will set isZkn to True, and $ZkId

It require the $ZKnDir attribute to be set , and to point at the target zkn directory, with a / at the end. Set it in Prototypes/Note;. Mine is /Users/luctaesch/Dropbox/zkn/testtbx/ for instance . The Current value is value($ZKnDir)

The Name is initialized with the current $Title of the Note. If you require you file being name other than the note $Title, Just put the desired file name into the $ZkName attribute of the first note ( display it first with ‘Show Key attributes’)

If you require a unique ID to be placed in Front of the File Name, tick the $ZkId attribute. The $ZkTs will be automatically filled, but can be overwritten at you wish. Default is YYYYMMDDHHMMSS .

(Note: it does not verify that the TS is unique. chances of collision are weak )

Try it Out: md-preview and zkn.tbx (193.3 KB)

(Thanks to Pat Maddox for providing the good base. This is my first tinderbox app, do not hesitate to comment and suggest)