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Create link from text leaves ⌘ key down until reboot

Here is another glitch I need help trouble-shooting. This one is about executing a Tinderbox command via Keyboard Maestro.

I use a Keyboard Maestro macro to have the key-chord ⌘k ( {command}{k} )type the key-chord ⌃⌥⌘l ( {control}{option}{command}{el} ) because I am used to using (the commonly-used?) ⌘k to bring up an “insert link URL” dialog. When I do this in Tinderbox, the command runs, the dialog appears, but when I close it the system continues as though the ⌘ key ( {command} ) remains pressed (so, for instance, typing {c} results in the command “Edit ▹ Copy”). The only way to “un-press” the ⌘-key is to reboot, afaict.

Is ⌘k bound to something in Tinderbox?
Any suggestions other than binding ⌘k to "Note ▹ Make Web Link... " via OS X’s “Preferences ▹ Keyboard ▹ Shortcuts”? [Added the rest of this paragraph.] This works as expected, btw. Note that there is no space between “Link” and the ellipsis in the Tinderbox command.

I use Keyboard Maestro a lot. Are there other issues using it with Tinderbox?

Pre v6, [Cmd]+K was mapped to ‘Create Note’ but this is no longer the case. Tinderbox does map a lot of possible shortcuts - see here.

As you’re doing some detailed keep re-mapping, it might make sense to get in touch with tech support directly.

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Mark — thank you for your very helpful help here and in my other query today.

Is Technical Support just info at eastgate.com? I think I saw a different address/method at one point, but I can’t find it.

[Added everything following.]

Found it in my purchase receipt. tinderbox at eastgate.com .

Write to info@eastgate.com address - apologies, I was in a rush and forgot to add that. I know it’s frustrating to get pointed elsewhere but these look like issues requiring a deeper level of investigation.

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