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Creating a Post-it Note Themed Brainstorming Space in Tinderbox

This morning I spun off a brainstorming space in my planning TBX doc and I wanted the notes to look like Post-its, so I added the following attributes to the OnAdd for that brainstorming space’s container note.

$Color = "cooler poppy";
$Width = 6;
$Height = 6;
$Shadow = true;
$ShadowDistance = 10;
$ShadowBlur = 20;
$ShadowColor = "lightest black";
$NameAlignment = "center";
$NameFont = "SketchnoteSquare";

I also made a little video about it.


So very happy to see aTbRef in actual use as a resource. I learned something too - cut/paste to apply a new $OnAdd to existing container items. Obvious, but only after the fact! :grinning:


Very cool – as usual, @beck. I’m in a place I had to watch the video with sound off. What is the “planner” object on the map?

But @PaulWalters you missed all my rambling that way!

Right now, the planner contains an agent that pulls aliases of anything in the file tagged “Active.” Inside the agent, there are a couple of adornments: one is outfitted as an Eisenhower matrix and the other is a 3x4 table of the months of the year. I can plot any active items on it to make decisions/see what’s coming up.

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There should be a word or phrase to describe the experience of showing @mwra something new about Tinderbox. Sort of like the rare experience of only getting one search research on Google.


Nope, I’ve moved to a less noisy area and could play the video – great job, as always!

For the “Planner” object, I was curious how you gave it that $Shape.

Oh! Easy. That’s a note with an icon from The Noun Project dragged in.



Very nice - any chance you could share a (sanitised) copy of your TB notebook for the rest of us to learn ?

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I do not even know how to write code in the box for the post-it notes, so I tried to use a return key. Not possible. Anyway, I downloaded an HTML note pad and got the script written out. But it does not show up. If I had seen your post first, I would not have needed to do that either.
I have a problem. The container is inheriting the previous colors from who knows where. How do I erase those and get the post-it color and size scheme to show up?
I do not really need post-its but you are so concrete that at least I could follow you. I learned a lot. Thank you. Unfortunately, I am missing something.

I did not see the code correctly. When I copied yours, it worked. Wow. Thank you. Simple projects done slowly are very helpful. Looking at your source of information was also very helpful.

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You won Tinderbox!


Hi Malcolm,

I worked up a bit of a sanitized version. I don’t know if I’d necessarily recommend going about things this way, it’s really just a bunch of experiments, but here it is in case it’s helpful to you.

I’ll make a video if and when I’m happy with it and feel it’s recommendable (which is a reason there’s no video yet!).



Many thanks for taking the time to prepare and share a copy of your TB document. I understand its work in progress. A first glance into the TB document already tells me its useful for my own experimenting.

I was especially intrigued by the visual approach to linking tasks or notes to personal priorities at a weekly, monthly and even multi-year level. Having tried various solutions I find a good calendar app works well to record and align tasks with time e.g. travel, meeting invitations, dentist appointment, when summer holidays or conferences take place etc… It doesn’t tell me much about priorities or help me record and organise my thoughts or impressions about the achievements. Some of your experiments point me to new approaches in that area.

I hope your experimenting works out and (assuming it does) look forward to the final result and your future video on the subject.