Creating a simple dropdown menu

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I’m a complete Newbie at Tinderbox. I’d like to create a simple attribute with a dropdown list of items. It would be great if anyone could give me a hint, I’m reading the posts and the help manuals since two hours and couldn’t find an explanation.

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First: what sort of values might this attribute have? Strings, like “Lobachevsky”? Numbers like “42”? That determines thew type of the attribute.

For string attributes, you can list some suggested values, separated by semicolons. These values will the listed in the dropdown menu in the key attributes table. In addition, that menu will also list any other values that are in use.

Welcome to the forum. Tinderbox doesn’t have a programmable UI with configurable menu objects, such as you might find in a database report generator. But, in certain contexts, Tinderbox can offer and auto-generated pop-up list of already-used values. Such lists can be seen in the following places:

As has already been noted above, you can add suggested values to a value list. This is done in the attribute configuration in Document Inspector’s system tab or user tab.

In summary, you don’t ‘make’ a list, but rather you provide the necessary data that causes to menu to be generated for you. Same outcome, different starting perspective.

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