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Creating adornments from applescript?


Is there a way to create an adornment from applescript?

The following doesn’t die but also doesn’t seem to do anything:

         set myAdornment to make new adornment at contentsContainer

Why I would like to have this: I want to quickly create many containers that each have three adornments. As a toy example, consider that I want a KanBan board (with adornments for “Not Started”, “Currently doing” and “finished”), but I want such a board for each project, of which there may be dozens.


Create a prototype (“My Adoring Prototype”), and give that prototype a child. Navigate in map view to the prototype’s container, which initially will just contain that child note. Add your adornments to that container.

When, later, you assign $Prototype=“My Adoring Prototype”, you will create a new container that has the adornments you want. These are new instances of the adornments, not inherited.

So simpler than writing scripts that are just going to break some day.

BTW – in 8.6, you can copy prototypes between documents. Read the release notes.


Agree the last especially as I think that whilst the Tinderbox AppleScript dictionary includes ‘adornment’ I get an error back in Script Debugger when trying to create one. @ComplexPoint, can you confirm this?

Wonderful, thanks, that is way cleaner.

There’s a provisional stub for it in the scripting definition file, but its implementation seems to be commented out:

<!-- <element type="adornment"   >
         <cocoa key="adornments" />

Perhaps still on a todo list ?

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yep – much todo on the todo list