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Culturedcode Things - integration possible?

Hi, just a quick question as “Things” is not easily searcheable:
Is any integration possible with Culturedcode Things comparable to e.g. Omnifocus?

(focus would mainly be to integrate direction iOS)

As always: Thanks!

I don’t have the app. Note that Tinderbox is not IOS so it would need to ‘integrate’ in the macOS context.

Is there documentation of, or a specification for, the format of a ‘Things’ data file?

They seem to have:

  • Things URL Scheme - link
  • Using AppleScript With Things - link
  • Importing To-Dos From Other Apps - link

Both apps now support AppleScript, so that would seem the sensible way ahead. Bespoke integration would, I imaging be a case of ROI on the engineering involved, i.e. indirectly the number of people regularly needing Tinderbox+Things cross-working.

From a very brief look at the PDF of Things AppleScript documentation, there is no built in search commend, but you might be able to drive the Things UI to use the apps own search. Or use AppleScript iterate over the available ‘items’ in your Things file (not sure what the terminology of the app is).

Thanks for your time & investment!
My interest stems from the possibility of Devonthink’s integration with Cultured Code Thing.

Devonthink > menu > scripting > Reminders > Add as a To Do to Things

I’m also exploring the round trip to Eastgate’s Tinderbox.

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