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Customizing the $HTMLExportFileName syntax?

I am trying to customize the $HTMLExportFileName for notes using a prototype.

If the file was normally named “ThisFile.md” I would like it renamed on export to
“ThisFile -tbx.md”

Seems simple enough, however somehow, I am missing it.

In the Export Tab under File Name, logically, I am using the following syntax: $Name + " -tbx", however it is not working. I want to get the original name of the file plus " -tbx" added to the end of the string before the extension. I did look at aTBRef but did not find any examples.

Here is my screenshot:

My syntax probably needs a small tweak.

Thanks in advance

btw…I am using v9 backstage. I did not try this on v8 if that makes any difference.

File name is not an expression; it’s the value of $HTMLExportFileName. You could use an agent action or rule to set $HTMLExportFileName

your misassumption is that '$Name" is being interpreted into the actual title of the selected note. It’s not a bad thing but assumptions are just that! Been there, done that.

Better is an edict or stamp for setting $HTMLExportFileName:

$HTMLExportFileName = $Name + " -tbx"; 
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Ahhh…so close but yet so far. Thank you both. That works.