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Dark mode problem

I want to do a simple thing of creating TBX docs to record notes on medical records of patients, in which I have to just copy-paste the text of one note into a report. However if the notes are created while in dark mode I of course end up pasting “invisible” (white on white background of the report) notes into my document. this has been covered before. Here’s the problem: I went into OS preferences and changed to light mode. Open a new TBX doc and it still is opening in dark mode. That seems wrong. Only by quitting TBX and re-opening it does this stop. Am I right that there is no way to just change TBX settings to always open in light mode? Thanks.

If you create a TBX in OS Dark mode, Tinderbox will use a dark colour scheme. IIRC that is built-in colour scheme ‘Dark Coral’. The best way to restore a ‘light’ scheme, even if in OS Dark Mode is to select and apply the colour scheme ‘Tinderbox 7’. Although (if in Dark Mode) the app’s tabs, KA table and such with remain dark, the view pane and $Text areas will have light backgrounds.

If pasting text, I generally find it a good idea, unless source styles are really wanted, to use Paste-and-Match-Style (Cmd+Opt+Shift+V) to paste text into the $Text area.

Thanks, Mark.

What I am doing is first creating a single note and in $Text area listing every medical report source that I have to review. Then I explode that note and so have a new note for each source; then I read through each of those documents and make relevant notes. The pasting refers to then copying just the list of documents in the first note and pasting it into my word processing report document. Either way I have to then match the style but that’s just a matter of clicking the button in the styles palette in Nisus Writer Pro. The thing that does not change is text color (and it can be tricky formatting white on white text colors till you realize you have to highlight all the text just to find it.) So it’s not pasting into the TBX text area. Your solution is helpful. Thanks.

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Great! As long as the note pasted into is OK, and you’ve the right colour scheme set, then all the Exploded notes are new and will take the new colours.

I’ve updated this page to give a bit more of a steer on Light/Dark mode and (re-)setting colour schemes.

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