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Dark shadows cast over outline view

Hi folks, a quick question for you please: I am seeing dark, semi-transparent rectangular shadows superimposed over the full width of portions of my outline view. Is this a feature? If so, what does it mean please? I am using Tinderbox 8.0 (b361). There is no color scheme selected in the colors section of Preferences ie the range of options starts with “Coral” and ends in “Storyspace” but none of the options are visibly highlighted as if they have been selected. Thanks, JR

Could you post a screenshot?
What version of Tinderbox are you using?
What color scheme is selected in Edit > Document Settings > Colors?

Paul, I’ve amended the original post to answer your questions. Thanks for the reply, JR

That image does not look like a Tinderbox 8 view – i.e., the standard outline icons are not showing.

Also, the current release is b362 – you might want to download that from Eastgate and overwrite your copy of Tinderbox 8.

This is not a normal occurrence.

Hmm. I may need your help to hunt down a copy of build 362 please. All the downloads I can find on the Eastgate site seem to be only build 361. In any case, here is a screenshot with looser cropping that shows the more traditional Tinderbox icons etc. If this is not normal, do you happen to know if there might be a workaround please? The only clue I can provide is that I have multiple screens (ie 2 external Apple monitors) running off a MacBook Pro and this is happening on one of the external screens. It seems to be an intermittent phenomenon as well.

Ugh, my mistake. b362 is a backstage beta. Sorry.

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Try making a new tab, switching to that tab, and then switching back. Any help?